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I am a highly motivated senior designer, art director, and leader, constantly striving to innovate and think outside of the box and to provide the best work for the user and client. I am an expert in digital and print design and I thrive in an environment where I can collaborate and brainstorm with others whether that is in person or remotely. I have been designing for over 10 years working alongside some of the most talented creatives. In the last year, I was given the opportunity to temporarily supervise the in-house design team at Strategic Education, Inc. which has given me the knowledge and understanding to lead and elevate designers of a variety of skill levels.


  • Print and digital design

  • Branding

  • Video storyboarding 

  • Web design

  • Art direction

  • Photo editing

  • Light animation

  • Social and paid media

  • Email design and development

  • Team Leader

  • Highly organized and motivated

  • Strong communication skills

  • Collaborator

  • Fluent in marketing and brand

Contact me  |  507.360.4198

  • LinkedIn
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